5 Tips for a More Efficient Home Central Heating System


A home’s central heating and cooling system is one of its biggest energy consumers, resulting in significant costs for families. However, there are ways to increase energy savings and diminish the family’s carbon footprint without sacrificing indoor comfort. Below are several great ways to improve overall efficiency and indoor air quality.

Consider Installing Ceiling Fans

Instead of turning up the heat when it gets cold, install ceiling fans to improve overall ventilation. When a ceiling fan is used in conjunction with a central heating system in your Palmerston North home, it can bring heated air down from the ceiling without the need for a thermostat adjustment.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Most families aren’t at home during the day as they attend work, school, and other activities. When the family isn’t at home to enjoy the heated air, a programmable thermostat makes it easy to control the heating system. Set it to turn the heat down during the day and to turn it on again before everyone arrives.

Hang Curtains and Blinds

Choose window treatments that suit the family’s lifestyle and the home’s décor and install them in all windows, particularly those in cooler areas of the home. During winter months, the window treatments will help the home retain heat, which reduces the strain on the heating system.

Use Appliances Carefully

Many householders have never given much thought to this, but limiting oven and cooktop use during summer can keep the home cooler. In the winter, it’s quite the opposite as using the cooktop and oven can reduce the need for additional heating.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

While central heating in Palmerston North is designed to offer years of convenient, problem-free operation, systems must be regularly maintained to work efficiently. Householders should consider hiring central heating suppliers in Palmerston North to give the system a quick look before cold weather arrives. With preventive maintenance, householders can catch small heating problems before they affect the unit’s efficiency.

There are many ways to make a home more energy-efficient. Whether you’re a first-time householder or you’ve done it all before, you can rely on our team at NZ Refrigeration Services (www.nzrsltd.co.nz) to keep your home heating system running at peak efficiency. Call or visit us online today to schedule a service appointment with our central heating installers in Palmerston North.